Top 1 hack, what is that?

What is that???
This is the top 1 of this war…
I have more images but i can’t put here


That’s not an in game picture. So congrats on showing a previsouly shown image and claiming it’s been seen in war.


Was going to say can I get that on my William lmao

How is it not? You get that exact screen if you look at your opponents toons after you’ve attacked them.

Show it in use in battle. We’ve seen this on the forums already in this exact format. I’ve yet to seen it in the actual battle screen.


Yes we need an actual video or picture of an in-game battle if anyone can get it.

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I will find some in game pics but what is this???
That’s normal ???


I take the photos, if you don’t see these people just look the top1… If you battle you gonna see…

Here you go.
Screenshot made in Tuscaloosa, looks real.
It’s 150% Att, 30% Att, huge ap on attack.


It looks real, or it’s an excellent fake.
But who would put so much effort into a fake?

I told u, 10k ataq? 8 sec round

This is way overboard, but I see it all the time, brand new op promo comes out, later that day someone has two, maxed, with perfect fixed weapon…always the same breakdown of how with trainers, and coins on weapons it could be done…at least this is obvious hack.
Gg motherfuckas

This one

Whats the point for this pic ? Where the context


If it’s legit i want one

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Post the player

People will sit and defend this bs but we have seen hacked weapons forever in war, blue stun guns with a great chance to stun instead of better, +100% defense, etc seen emm all.

Gwt in game pics tho as @Wanderer said, blow it up on line app and facebook and others, name and shame. Also it shows proof that cant be argued like a toons card pic

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Good hackers would overlay their hacked stats with different numbers so you’d never know


Sorry my mistake … make a wrong observation

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