Toons stuck in stronghold

So me and my teammates still have our toons stuck in stronghold after the darlington mess up in war. The support give different answers to each of us and seems having no clue what to do… its a disadvantage at lvl up rn, will screw up the thing in sr and make the things more complicated for the collections… can we at least have a little news about it? @JB.Scopely you commented about investigated the possible hack but what about the problems we still have in game? One even can’t raid… during a raid tourney…

Keep on surviving

You should be able to remove your teams by going to your roster and finding that team and remove it from there

Nope we can’t,

With the clap back

Before you hit delete, was there an optiin on the right of that, that says stop defending?

Ok let me rephrase cuz i said the d word. Go view your teams like you have there. On the right side is there an option that says stop defending?

Can’t do anything with that team.

Can’t stop defending since there is no stronghold.

Just like with the rewards, they won’t do anything. Support is beyond useless in this pos game.

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Have u tried clearing cache?

@Shawn.Scopely can you help?

Leave your faction and rejoin, should fix it.

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You just need to wait until next war ,lol
That’s why I never post defences in tours

This happened to me awhile ago, but in beta. The answer at the time was that you’re screwed until the next war.

I have no answer for you regarding the main regions.

Thanks for the tip, it worked :smiley:

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