Toons still using rush whilst confused

Anyone else come across when your raiding that whilst confusing the opponent they are still using their rush, and your toons just hitting random chars when your trying to hit a specific one

Yea… especially christa… she still rushes when she’s clearly confused… I don’t notice the rest cause they don’t hurt as much… lol

The damn active skill is focus


Lol. How many times has this been said?


Christa usually pops her active on turn 2, which is focus + defense down. Focus negates casting of confusion (and taunt I believe), hence, it is likely she has focus on already after being hit by confuse.

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Ah I see thank

Am just new to the forum lol


Yea that’s the main one I was having issues with, she don’t half cut through my greens lol

Haha… IKR

But it’s all good…

I’ve been seeing people still attack and use rush when stunned but it don’t help to say anything cause to scopley it’s working as intended keep on spending I mean surviving

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