Toons reviving for no reason

I know we have this topic on Pete however the latest thing I have seen is toons reviving which I can’t explain,in the last war I faced a mercer lead team and first turn destroyed zander,then def turn zander revives and no revive toons or weapons on the team this happened twice Against this team, it again happened once in onslaught and it’s just happened again In a raid just now,Pete angel Priya princess kenny was def team my first hit by Priya destroyed Pete and Kenny rest of the hits I hit angel as defence turn kenny revives back Pete still down no revives in this team and no revive weapons and of course I can’t video it and was wondering if anyone else has had this happen or is there now a revive mod, maybe someone can explain if I’m missing something.

I’m having some trouble following the order of hits and who is alive when. Can you break it down more clearly for me? You say you destroyed Kenny but then he revives pete. So, was Kenny dead or not?

Sorry Lady my Priya hit Pete and destroyed him and kenny in the same hit then remainder of my toons I hit angel, Pete and kenny both dead on the floor,my turn over defence team starts but before they hit kenny revives back into play and Pete still down,I had this also in war with a mercer team and there wasn’t any revive toons or weapons in the defence team,I killed zander with my Priya first and the rest of my toons were stunned so defence turn zander suddenly revives back this happened 2 times not in the same raid but separate raids,sorry I hope you understand I just can’t see how a toon revives back without a revive toon or a weapon

You’ll have to break it down 1 team at a time.

So on team 1 it’s: Pete, Kenny, Angel, ?, ?

In war you faced: Mercer, Zander, ?, ?, ?

Pete kenny angel priya princess is defence team, my Priya destroys Pete and kenny first hit the rest of my toons hit angel, defence turn kenny revives back in play with now only Pete dead.

War- Mercer lead with zander can’t remember rest but there was no revive toons like Pete etc and no revive weapons my first hit from Priya kills zander the rest of my team stunned from mercer so now defence team turn and zander revives back

All I’m saying is if anyone else has had this happen as I can’t explain why this happened twice in war and once in onslaught and now earlier tonight when there was no revive toons to revive back kenny as Pete and him were dead,in war zander dead and no revive toons in that team anyway and I checked weapons and no revive there either

I’ve never had that happen or heard of it happen before. Are you using auto attack? I know that the animations during auto are really screwy but people shouldn’t be reviving if there’s no revivers or revive weapons, if what you’re saying is true.

No I don’t auto teams like that, I left it in war but then onslaught it happened and couldn’t explain why,but tonight having happen for the 4th time in a week I had to ask the question is it just me as to have a toon die and revive back with no revives just baffles me and when this happened each time I checked weapons as well but nothing so who knows maybe it’s my team helping them come back lol

I have also noticed this I kill a toon and there will be no revive toons left ar or as but somehow they revive I thought maybe a green revive weapon but it usually isn’t green characters that I face I can’t remember details but I have noticed this happen only thing is it’s broken or it weapon

It’s not a weapon as like you there were no green toons and I also checked all weapons on the defence team and facing a mercer team with no revives in at all just doesn’t make sense so we shall see if anyone else has had this happen

The closest to this happening to me is the auto play getting out of whack so it “seems” a toon died and came back. As you say it happened during manual play and there’s no outlast or revive present, then no, never saw that.

There used to be a bug when an infected toon died and reanimated back - rushed or did whatever they did and died again, then reanimated back every turn… That bug was acknowledged and actually fixed by Scopely, though… If you have used infection in any way though, there might be a minor chance that a latest stealth update might have rendered the fix invalid and the old bug manifests again for you?

Actually that bug still exists. They attempted to fix it but I’ve still had it happen with Doc.

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