Toons on SR team [logged]

I think its unhelpful or maybe a bug that toons are trapped in an invisible team for SR if u finish the map. U have to wait for SR to reset to take them out of the team they were in when u finish daily map for SR. Ie: i cant use bennys or ascend toons if they were on the final stage when u beat it.

Plz allow us to see the SE team in the roster sp they can be edited out if they need to be used.


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Hit down to the last walker or human to 100hp then defense till you die and go in finish with 1 toon you dont need. A fix would be appreciated though.

true, i too had problems with this “bug”…
and while fixing this issue please let us choose a team for survival road from our roster as it was suggested in the thread below… its important to improve the game experience! @kalishane

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It’s just a visual thing - you can still use them elsewhere or for leveling. You’ll get a warning saying they’re on a team, but it won’t prevent you from using them:

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Maybe if we had a seperate SR roster this wouldnt be an issue…

Yes it does prevent u from ascending them tho… sux when they are stuck in the invisible party til SR resets.

Are you sure? I just tested it - put ascendable Abe on my SR team then went to the monument; he is greyed out but still selectable for both ascending and fodder, whereas other toons that aren’t ascendable or are locked are at the bottom of the menu and can’t be selected:

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Something like that happened on my server today to somebody else. Recommended to try from the roster and she didn’t have issues. It’s probably just a visual thing

Nope its a real thing… wont let my wife ascend vince while hes on the daily SR team that u cant see… stuck for about 10 more hours… unless the new update fixes it that just came out… same thing happened to my shiva few weeks ago b4 i ascended it.