Toons left alive after victory

Since update i have experienced a bug in raids, rd maps, and SR, where once i have a victory there is still a toon left alive on opposing team. Always team slot #2. Its actually starting to occur more often and was wondering if this is a known issue.


That;s happened to me too on the road rage maps.

William has been alive in about 3 of the maps for me now, and to tell the truth I’m confused if i did enough damage to him once to even have a victory.

I’ve been catching this happening when i auto roadmaps at x3 speed.

Sometimes it’s a human that doesn’t die and other times it’s a walker.

Maybe the 3x auto speed is causing some type of latency bug where it couldn’t render the animation quick enough resulting the animation not happening at all. °shrugs°

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You mean like this?
She was still standing even though she was dead. It happened on more than one stage with her.

This is a bug in the new version. If you have video and/or can reliably recreate, please let me know.

Yes its always at auto 3x for me so far too. I dont know if this has any significance.

Ive only had it occur with the opponent in team slot #2 is alive still. But ive had it occur many times in rdmap, SR and over a dozen in raids.

x3 animation is fucked. I’ve seen a dead toon apply a buff from their rush, get revives and then actually rushed. I don’t think anything happened out of turn, just animations struggling to keep up with each other


to be more specific when it occurs, it’s usually 3x auto like i mentioned but also after a barrage of ar animations blipping in and out. After the rapid animations when triggered just right on the final targets, the visual bug occurs.

So it appears similar like the godzilla bug. I haven’t seen it yet since this latest patch but just prior to the, this visual bug was occurring once in a while.

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