Toons for season 8

did anyone know upcoming toons for season 8???

bide, payback toons and s class domitable


in league store?

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yes payback negan

Everyone with payback Negan or Wayland, or Bide Elle or Ryan? Pretty sure that would take even more motivation out of raiding.


Highly unlikely they would put any of those toons in the league store


Green s class marlon

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Good ass guess. That might be a F2P free one (Exclusive collectible or League Store)

Yellow Lans maybe

Diego but it wont be. I’d like to be a great strong character seems like they have been neglected.

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yeah hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

0% chance of that happening but god that would be amazing would give another use for the league exclusive gear as well

I heard it was going to be an s class shield and s class bide with pain split.

Need to know before the end of weekend have 24k don’t know if I should buy now or wait till next week:thinking:

All that’s buyable atm is Camilla, whose a good yellow lead, Lacerator Rick who I got, exellent bleed and damage, and Stephanie who lets face it has nothing that a ton of other toons hasn’t got. She’s useless. If you buy any, I’d say either Camilla or rick. That’s ultimately up to you. But wouldn’t you feel even worse to buy Stephanie or rick and then say S class Marlon come out in leagues? Ultimately its your choice. But I think I would save and see unless I just really needed a lead toon( Camilla).

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I agree. I would expect blue Shane.

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I’ll go check leaks when I get home to my laptop. (5 mins before we leave for our busses home)

Small chances lance, Frost, and S class strong marlon may be league toons. Or become like magna, lee, and gold katana michonne(Not touched for a year and than made relevant next year)


I bought lace rick and camilla. Stephanie can go ■■■■■■■■ into the useless 6* star pit

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I agree whole heartedly! She’s trash!