Toons and what is going to happen with future ascendables



I was wondering when new toons are going to be released as in toons that people currently have as 5 *’s out of the 100 toons available as 6’s only 20 are toons people already had previous to 6 stars ie kenny,hunter etc. I was hoping you could shed some light on when more toons will be available as it seems it’s only 1 toon a month getting released then 2 will get released then nothing for over a month again,


All the old 5 star toons will be made ascendable in the future.

Just, at the current release rate, that future is somewhere post-2040…


You mean 2 per week not per month*
I hope its gona happen
@JB.Scopely why you relese only premium characters and you have legancy characters in the ass?Tell us why you wont relese more legancy characters?You can add stash with them or whells peoples WILL PULL FOR THEM LIKE ANDREA IF YOU FINALY RELESE HER!!!

So it is time for change your politic about 6s because players have not very good opinion about you @JB.Scopely are you dont care?I mean who decide to relese 6s…Thanks.


@JB.Scopely has absolutely no say in how/what toons are released. Just relates our feedback. I fully believe he does, and fully believe Scopely disregards it when they wish.

But he’s pretty great as far as CMs go.


Kalishane was a horrible CM. JB seems decent so far.


All I want is for more toons to be released that are already5 stars it is surely easier to update a 5 star to a 6 star rather than have to great two new toons one as a 5 and as a 6 even if they were released equally so one was a new 6 and one was an ascended 5 and have both promos on at the same time, I just want more variety


get a room you two… we all know he is a horrible CM


Periods and commas go a long way…


Kalishane was so much better than JB. He has only created more drama and resentment from the community


Idk if he’s better than cm punk lol


Substantiate your arguement.


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And I fully believe he does absolutely nothing, Kalishane cared about the community, she didn’t waste time on other social media, her hours lined up better with scopleys business hours, she updated the calendar in advance and not just on Tuesday’s, she directed us to stay on topic and pinned appropriate posts and not just nonsense. JB doesn’t care about the forums and is barley here, a robot could moderate theses forums better.


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