Toon wars! Best command?

Currently use Dale on my Michelle attack team amd defense team behind Pete. He has to be my favorite command, he comes with an off trait impair when being attacked gun and 30% defense, his rush is amazing with maim and -60% defense for 3 turns to all enemies and his active skill gives all enemies 100% heal reduction for 3 turns and gives all teammates focus for 3 toons. He has helped me so much but thinking of swapping him for Zander on my defense, the reason is Zanders ap gain gun and his rush could really help my team rush sooner, his active skill disarms 3 enemies for 3 turns, using him on my Carl team and behind my Priya.

Who is the best command toon and why?

  • Maggie
  • Nik
  • Glenn
  • Kelly
  • Connie
  • Dale
  • Zander
  • Siddiq

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What future command, trait, weapon, rush, active skill would you like to see/think is needed?

I put Dale but I don’t have him☹️

Zander because he can rush instantly giving someone else their rush which is like being commanded but without the command


Dale is probably the best overall, he just does so much as an all-around support .

Top tier: Dale, Zander, Maggie
Borderline: Glenn
Mid-tier: Nik, Siddiq
Alright: Kelly, Connie

Dale by far, decaps temporally , focus to everyone, command and def down+ impair gun, best support combo

Maggie cuz I don’t have dale :sob:

Would put Dale for defence. But this game is all about attack, all defence does is keep you alive longer in wars and Onslaught, hold special territories longer and gain you points in Horde.
Attack is more important by a long way.
So Zander (although Dale is good on attack with def down). Zanders Disarm turn 1 and Ap up has helped me immeasurably in Arenas. Before we could get Sclass in Arena, if I could get 2 Zander it made it a lot easier.

dale/zander for attack, maggie/nik for def

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