Toon Swapping Between Fac Members

It would be amazing if players were able to trade toons between faction members. Legend for Legend, Epic For Epic, etc. This would make a lot of people happy and definitely improve the gaming experience.


Those who can trade dupe Zachs or those who can trade dupe Wyatts around their factions?

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It would probably improve YOUR gaming experience


Interesting you would say that, I didn’t write this post for negative people. I have made my way up to the top faction in my region (York) and this is a topic that has been agreed upon throughout. I take it you are a solid p2p player, cause only one would say this or you just like to spread negativity.


Indeed, duplicates or just in general for toons that suit yours and others teams.

It’s actually a topic thats brought up in the forums constantly and most hate the idea (and not p2p but that doesn’t really matter for anything) but good detective skills there


How would anybody not want nor like a trading system between players? Unless you’re a scopely employee :thinking:

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Yep Scopely employee you caught me I’m JB hiding in the forums

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this is just a bad idea for the game that is said to much here


I disagree

From the perspective of a mid faction. Because it only benefits factions who have an excess of worthwhile toons to trade to it’s lesser members? Factions who don’t have a token whale lose out by losing people to hit


You’re entitled to your opinion but you still lose because I’m the only one with those sweet rock kicking shoes

Yea it’s not the best idea. Would only really help the rich get richer. Basically once Mia is outdated, they just pass her along to the next person who didn’t pull for her.

I have two accounts, main in York and secondary in Houston. Never has anyone ever disagreed about trading when brought up in either regions, and yes it is brought up constantly.

Pretty much^ or as soon as the one spending has a replacement say they have Zach and a toon comes out that does 2,000 maim damage instead so no use for Zach anymore right? Let’s just pass it along…and what happens when a trade happens between 2 people and now that guy wants his toon back he paid for and the other guy doesn’t want to give it back? Refunds? Something Scopely doesn’t want to deal with

Worst idea ever. Just because you made your way to the top in your region and that they agree doesn’t mean others agree everywhere else.

Who’s to stop someone from joining, take good toons, and leave? Or when you join and get kicked?


You said so yourself that you are in a top faction. And your words imply that you are either f2p or a mild spender since you “worked your way up”. So yes, of course it would benefit you. It would make you stronger by taking the promos the spenders no longer use andthus makes your faction stronger. How would this benefit a fifth place f2p faction? Top factions gonna give them their toons?

Incase you haven’t notice NOTHING benefits f2p. I for one would like the idea, there’s toons I want that faction mates have and vice versa, so I dont think it would be a bad idea

Well if you want everyone to become a whale, then this is the plan for you. Because whales have so many extra toons they can dish out.

If it’s an agreed upon trade it wouldnt make a bit of difference if the person left or got booted because it’s a fair trade!..smh