Toon Released From List


So I know A lot of people have been asking where are the toons and I know there might be multiple threads however I don’t understand how a model can be red such as Rosie, Andrea and Duane be ready and leaked but you can’t decide what ar to put on the character I mean if I was in your position I would make the character similar as the 5* version but have a buffed ar and maybe a active skill or specialist skill or leader skill
Please Scopley We Want Our Toons Now We can’t wait another Year just to have 8 toons or so Released in more then a year span

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… Nevermind


It’s probable that they want to shovel the Premier toons before they do any sort of work (if not little in the first place) on the new legacies. Money before fanbase. That’s their motto.


Cash money.


Sad that they care about money the sooner they release these toon the happier everyone is


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