Toon Locations in Supply Depot

I am trying to get “The Wanderer” or Red Gov from supply depot for assension and have refreshed the depot several times only for them to fall in the Prestige 12 slot. I’m only prestige 10 and will not be 12 anytime soon. Just wondering if these toons fall in any other slot or am I wasting my time refreshing? Thanks.


Im prestige 11 and got my red gov in depot. You just been unlucky

Got my Gov in the second from bottom right slot I believe, I’m prestige 11. You’re just unlucky.

I’ve gotten Red Governor twice outside prestige 12, on sale both times. Only seen Wanderer in the prestige slot though.

Side note: anyone seen Clementine outside the Prestige 12 slot since the depot pool got updated?

Thanks all, good to know! looks like I’m just getting unlucky then!

wanderer in normal 5* spot

The Gov can appear in a regular as well as the p12 slot.

I saw Wanderer in a regular spot two weeks ago.

Clem sadly is p12 only along with the future ascendable Maggie. Lame. 5-stars are trash now please get rid of the stupid p12 lock in the depot.

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wanderer was on my depot last week, i got a gov witch is already 6* t4 on the deppot also.

I got governor in the regular spot and on extreme sale, it took several refreshes

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