Toon from Prestige Token that isn't in the wheel


So I just pulled Limited Edition Negan from Prestige Token! I looked through the wheel and a faction mate did too and he isn’t displayed. Is this intentional? I didn’t find him listed anywhere. I’m not complaining since I always wanted him, I just wanna ask if there’s other toons that aren’t displayed as well?

Blah blah blah for 15 characters

People used to pull Gator on the five star token wheel and he wasn’t displayed either.


Must be nice! I just pulled a 4*…lol


I got the same negan today! I still have the 4* cause I couldn’t get the 5*. Am actually happy despite the fact that 6s have made most 5 null and void.


That’s like only 6 possible rewards… there’s way more than that in prestige wheel.


somebody in my faction actually pulled the red indomitable Andrea from prestige this evening as well, and shes not on the wheel either


yeah does look it got a cheeky update this is March to war jesus and it’s saying you can find him there so there’s probably a whole lot more toons


A team mate said he pulled Konrad after the update, I have no screenshot, but he did put him as leader. And no he hasn’t pulled for him when he was on promo, because he didn’t catch the promo.


Pulled Hunter on prestige today.


I don´t think this should be the Problem… The Option to Scroll down would be the solution


And my team mate got him from prestige wheel, what’s your point?


Then don’t, like I care what you believe. Check this forum and the fb group and you’ll see people pulling all kinds of premiers from prestige.


If they pulling toons like that it’s prob a glitch. Quick everyone open your prestige before it’s fixed lol


After all this time I don’t get people who still doubt scopes ability to screw-up, like are you really questioning this one constant thing that they’re doing since the beginning?


U saying that to me?


Nah, man. To the doubters who say things like “I’ll believe it when I see it”.


This is probably a bug, but it really is how the prestige wheel should be. The odds of getting a 5 star are still pretty low, so it should have better characters than the 5 star wheel.


Samurai Jesus is in the wheeel omg omg omg


Also that taunting blue lady.


If scopely fixes it I’ll be so mad. I smell recompensation…