Toon drops in world map

I haven’t had a toon drop in world map in a very very long time, not even a 1*!?!?! Anyone else having this problem?

Is your roster full? I get toon drops a lot more often now especially 3 and 4 stars.

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Ya I’m 463/330. That could be it. Didnt think of that. Thanks

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Haha. There’s an annoying message that pops up Everytime you farm haha.

Just because you roster is full shouldn’t mean toons don’t drop. They should still drop, they just can’t be added to your roster.

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lillys continue to drop even though youre overburdened. ask me how i know :smirk:. not too sure about regular cards though.


Yeah since Lilith is technically rewarded in a different kind of drop table than the between wave transition where you see either a fighter or survivors with a ‘joined/full’ dialog, she still gets added to your inventory. Wouldn’t want to have you lose a Lilith drop like that, with no option to make room.


Man. This sucks! I’m missing out on toons I could use

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