Toon Character idea: Minerva

Yeah I’m new here hope I’m using Toon right ( characters from the games right?)

Seeing my Girls Violet and Clementine. ( And uggh Louis and Marlon) I thought Minerva would be an interesting artistic Aesthetic especially given her final form is an infected psychopath she’d be an excellent addition to the Villains collection. She was one of the best Villains in the game. Besides the stranger in Season 1 every other Villain was sane, ruthless but sane. But she was full on crazy. It’d be interesting to see how her design would evolve especially if she was ascendable.

As for skills I’d leave that for professional RTS players to decide. I brute force battles and collect characters I like doesn’t matter whether or not they’re useful… my biggest goal is to get season 4 Violet and Clementine even if I don’t know how’d I’d utilize them.

Edit: misspelled Louis.

Who the hell is Lewis ?


We still haven’t had most of the Season 2 characters, let alone Season 4.
(Luke, Jane, Carver, Bonnie, Mike, Arvo, the list goes on.)


On the one hand I hate Arvo on the other hand killing him again and again as Clementine would be satisfying.

Fixed it thanks

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