Toon bugs since update

Is anyone else having issues, espically since war, with toon that are taunted still being able to rush? Also completed missions not updating. Seen a lot of isuues over the last few years but this is taking the biscut. Also its amazing how powerful reflect became and then scopely release a toon that is immune to reflect. I feel as players we are being treated like fools as of late. By the way, more road maps do not improve the game. Quality guys not quantity

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A few people have reported this, particularly with Pete. However in order for bugs like this to be looked into by developers they need some evidence.

This would usually be a video of it happening that also shows what mods and weapons are in use so it can be properly replicated and investigated.

So far nobody has managed to get more than a vague screenshot unfortunately. @LadyGeek has said she will help push this through if someone can provide a video.

Nailed it. Personally, I commend the multitude of events as having more to pick from (if you can’t run all - though I can myself) is always better than having none, but that comment… Not even a staunch supporter of extra game content can object to it!

Hopefully Scopely will read it, understand it and act on it.

In regards to evidence not everyone has the ability to provide video believe it or not. Ask yourself why would someone make it up never mind multiple people. 5 years give or take playing ( dont want to get into spending as its a sore point with Mrs. Buddha :slight_smile: ) I think most have the right to draw attention to problems but its up to those who’s job it is to look into it. Maybe its just time to hang up my boots game wise as its starting to be a chore rather than a passtime.

Well, the fact that multiple people are complaining about something doesn’t make it a bug, especially when it’s about a toon rushing after being “taunted”.

I have battled countless times, whittling away the enemy team, only for them to be revived - because I forgot that the reviver resisted taunt, or that his confuse/impair from Priya has expired already etc etc… This is because the enemy statuses are being cycled through (bonus def, def down, heal reduction, normalize - you can easily miss that taunt doesn’t show or that if it would show that it would show a focus too)…

Yeah, I can’t make a video myself (could on previous phone, but on the current one the record feature in the game services is missing) but I can take screenshots of the toons that gave me pause… Funny, that ppl claim that the toons don’t have focus weapon, don’t have taunt resist don’t have this or that - but always forget to take the screenshot of the toon card they were so rigorously checking…

The toons have the icon that they are taunted but still rushes and nothing to do with anything else. Not mods, not revive just toons that have all the indicators that they are taunted still rush, espically Aarva. Lets be honest, if one person reports, fine but multiple people does justify investigation in my humble opinion. We are consumers, customers and as such we are due diligent service.

Video evidence, that’s all.

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I know that. I haven’t been able to film it myself. I’m just telling you what they need. They won’t look into it without evidence. There’s a whole thread arguing about it lol

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