Too much solo events


Really? Another Solo Level UP and Solo SR ? Last faction Upp was 3 weeks ago. Same like SR. We need more event with faction and good rewards, no solo imo :stuck_out_tongue:


Please consider changing that solo level up next week into a faction level up.


Was thinking, about 2 months ago or a month ago, there was like 3 faction level ups in a row or very close to one another. Let me know if I’m wrong, but maybe scopely is trying to even it out for the year?? Again I’m guessing, hell, yeah I’m guessing. That’s all I got


Events U can see here :slight_smile:


Niceee. I skipped out on this and last solo LU because the milestones weren’t worth it. If the milestones is worth it for that next solo LU, it’ll be fun.


Mmmmm … maybe we need a Solo War for next weekend !!
should be good =)


Dont give them ideas lol


Scopely are kidding with us, im tired, 2 years playing this game and it never changes, it’s hard to see them listening to us


Porque está acontecendo tantos eventos solo?
Cadê os eventos de facção? :thinking:


I agree that there are far too many solo level ups lately, its redundant and level ups are very passive events with zero actual ‘fun’ gameplay involved.

Think about that for a moment, 2 day events that lack any actual engaging gameplay. The obvious quick solution to this, get back to running dual events anytime there is a solo level up.


ummmmm… is this for 2018? because we’re in NOV!!! not OCT!!!