Too much going on

We have the collections that you have to have other collectibles to finish the rm to get the collectibles? Ascending 5 toons every 2 weeks? Where’s the plushies? Level upping us to death. Sorry rewards that aren’t worth the effort. Where’s the happiness in this game anymore? All this effort to get collectibles to get other collectibles to get a s class that may or may not be useful. 1 territory for the whales to sit on. Are we being punished? They cancel hordes last minute. Update war to give you even more collectibles instead of war coins… Im concerned abt the state of this game. What the heck is going on? Things have gotten way worse over the course of the last 6 months. Where’s the improvement? Where’s the better rewards? Where’s the closing of the gaps between f2p and p2p players? Am I wrong ? Its absolutely unplayable. Its killed all my resources only to not give you the ability to rebuild any resources. Wth? Come on scopley. Be better. ! HAPPY CUSTOMERS SPEND MORE THEN UNHAPPY ONES. MAKE YOUR CUSTOMERS HAPPY AGAIN. PLEASE. THANKS. Screenshot_2019-09-25-17-06-46-1|480x464


Like a toilet.


Amen on that!

What do you expect? Scopely can’t seem to care if they are killing the game. Maybe that is their intention. New game, new buckets to empty.

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