Too many tabs scopely

Honestly, i think it is good to have some event with a good reward. But not at the same time, at least make it one after another. To see so many tabs in black market, i feel lost that i dont know which one to do first, which one should i prioritize. Especially with those small font.

Really, i appreciate the effort but it need to be sorted out.


Agree on the small font and the miniature icons (even worse for the cards trade-ins). But the tabbing is actually quite neat as it organizes the exchanges per event / sub-resource trade, so you exactly know how much is going on and what to do.

Your real gripe is that too many events are running simultaneously, I’d say. For me, that’s not a problem as I play daily some 4-5 hours total, but I do realize that not everybody is so “addicted”…

I think it’s better for all players if there is a lot going on as compared to having just the “same old, same old”… If you’re short on time, prioritize based on the rewards:

  • Lilly - daily grind - log in twice a day (for both daily maps), might need a world can per day, can’t miss out much, but can get a useful S-class, with latest Kings trade ins even some S-class choicebox
  • Summer bash - daily grind for raids/survival road, rest should be fairly part of your daily grind anyway (the 1 can = see Lilly)
  • July 4th is a faction event, an active 20-25 faction can do these easy peasy
  • battle pass - watch out the weekly missions not to miss out on any objectives (that aren’t too far above daily/weekly grind anyway)

Enter the black market only at the end of event to spend your resources wisely.


If you could be a little less helpful & accurate you’d probably be headhunted for head of customer support.

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No, a pessimist is someone who views himself as a realist and is rarely disproven :slight_smile:

(Some optimists call themselves realists too, but they are almost always proven wrong in their expectations)

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You have confused th f*** out of me.


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