Too many linked weapons

Martinez is an exception, but most of new characs are given with a linked weapons. It’s, for my concern, really annoying for many reasons, and the main is that you have to make a real choice between att and def and build your weapon around it.

Ok, it’s the same for mods, but it’s a lot easier to change mod rather than change an all weapon, with all aleas.

Plus, there are some linked attributes that are interesting, but that you want to change because of your actual team. There again, no other choice than beginning from the start.

So, in fact, all these new characs are less usefull than others due to this.

Let’s take an exemple : in some teams, i want yellow zeke to strike hard and fast, so i will make him a weapon with att, ap and ap 8. But in some case my only concern is his protect skill, so weapon will be with crit and crit bonus.

With yellow rick or yellow glenn, no choice (or need to have two of them) : i will create a weapon at one time, and if I want to change my strategy will need to start over (and some attributes are sooo rare…).

So, you will tell me « that’s the game dude ». I know. But I think it’s a pity that new characs are disadvantaged by this.

So, my propal : being able to either keep the linked weapons ( with or without the ability of modifying it, like the first 6 dwight) or put another.


Scopely’s response (probably): just buy 2 of each character - one to use for attack and one to use for defense.


The weapons are what make these characters so desirable!


I agree completely but later onyou will probablybe able to buy them for.05% chance

I think bbn its better having linked weapons, instead of having 1 weapon capable of being on mutliple teams at once. I think all characters should have bound weapons

I see what your saying but part of the allure is having a weapon you don’t have to spend weeks making. If scopes allowed the weapon to be switched out i imagine there would be some sort of drawback. Like with dewhite you cant change his bound weapon. So maybe u like it but cant craft to completion. Yes u can craft another but it takes resources and lots of time. Getting that abs def and 30hp and only needing to make 1 change is nice and if i ever wanna change the special i can always reset to absolute def or whatever the weapon came as which is nice

Well, i understand your point of view, and it is certain that it would be frustrating if linked weapons can not be modified.

But i am also frustrated by the rigidity of these weapons. One recent exemple : in some teams, i think that the bleeding capacity of Michelle would be nice. In other, it seems more usefull to have 8 ap. Well, I have no choice but to make one. And with the difficulty for having a good weapons, i will think twice before modifying it.

With other charac, i have only to change mods and weapons and i can use them in a total different strategy.

I can see wanting to put an 8% on her and since you have 1 seems silly to have to try for it on her. But the good side of that is the meta is always changing and the bleed may come in handy in a few months so being able to reset is nice. There are some toons i liked what they came with but had other plans. While this is annoying it is part of the game. About a year ago before everyone had all these weapons having a toon that came with stun or abs defense was awesome, saved crafting time and materials needed.
I like the different weapons like abs def on a blue, that makes that toon more unique. But 20% ap may be better. So i guess i wouldnt be against the option to change but id wanna know what we lose by doing so. Theres always a drawback in this game.

It’s just another speedbump in our journey to continuously get better. So we just get over it and make decisions what weapon modifications to make. For toons u can get multiples of, making multiple kinds of weapons is the way to go I guess

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