Too Many Level ups


Six of the next 11 days are taken up with solo level ups, we need some variety & time to prep for them.

Yes we can ‘not take part’ but we want to be engaged with the game, to enjoy it & play.


Couldn’t agree more. To many darn level ups. You’re going to be depleting our resources and forcing us to buy items (which is the whole aspect of things). Give us territory events like before, switch it up and through in mini events or something. Not drown us to death in level up.


It wouldn’t be so bad if they had a 6 star gear map for epic and legendary gear.


I agree that the amount of lvl ups is monotonous, but they’ve given me an opportunity to prep the 5* which have been leaked/announced for ascendance in the next few months, as well as those which are already ascendable. The 6* I did acquire have allowed me to compete in several of the tournaments where I felt the rewards were worth it.

I’m curious if there would be any way to make some sort of perpetual level up event, since they take up about 60% of the event time already.


I wonder if there is some convenient “glitch” or “bug” that keeps Live Ops from putting out a raid tourney? That would help with Faction Assault ticket farming if nothing else.


Soooooo burnt out on level-ups.


What? 6 lvl ups in 4 weeks is too much?

All with 2 million pt milestones?

Just buy more toons! And trainers!


Not sure what is scopely’s goal by giving so many lvl ups but if u noticed scopely is just being lazy with event planning. Last week 2 solo events lasting 2+ days each and same thing this week, and the prizes are straight up dog poop :poop:. Tell me who’s gonna reach that 2m milestone every lvl up, gawdd I can’t even reach that once with months of planning,


There is going to be 6 levelups this month for sure with i think a really good chance of there being 7. That is almost 2 per week .


The worst part is you can’t really skip them because you know there will be dwight parts in the milestones


1 T4 10 T3 3 T2, and 0 gold medals, how to obtain 2 mill points when you don’t give out t4 gear ?
how to ascend more when you don’t give out gold medals? I’m 17 days away from another ascend.

And now 4 levelups WTF???


Welp, no more faction tournaments until next year it seems. Only crappy solo tournaments out now.