Too many fast traits released


Four fast trait ascenables one tough trait and one strong trait for free pending if you collect the right stuff…why flood the regions with fast trait toons have you ever heard of balance or taking turns…
No instead you make fast trait toons rule the regions and dont give too shits make it fair be fair to other traits instead of favoring them like your favorite town in fortnight




If Alpha is the next free epic, I wouldn’t care less who they were giving out, one trait or not. Not that I can afford not to anyway. The fact that I missed ANT pisses me off.


Feels wrong to bitch about free stuff but I agree they need to mix it up. F2P has been desperate for another red. We finally got the Governor but instead of Maggie maybe they could have made it the first 6 star Rosita. No one was ever gonna pay for her again. Balance this crap out.

Starting to really hate Wyatt almost as much as Zeke. Everone is using that bastard. As long as you shut his ar down he’s no big deal but still annoying that he’s everywhere.


Never gonna happen. They don’t give out the really good ones for free.


They are all shit anyway. Reds are the strongest trait imho.