Too many damn different collectibles

Scopely has went completely over board with all the different types of collectibles they have made way more complicated than it needs to be with a new type of collectable for every new toon and none of the collectibles are the ones we already had before this trend started that we were told that they would be usedi my self would much rather have one or two different items we need then use the same items to pick and choose different toons there isn’t a need for all these different types because what’s happens is we get bits and peices of a collection that become worthless


There is a business reason they do it this way.

Dont other games with a similar mechanic, shards etc., use many different dealies? It’s mainly weird because scopely started with keys and the like instead of going right to cards

They’re going to go back to the wacky items, Aarav only got cards because he’s an (assumed) baseball player (He has a baseball trophy in his bag)

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Well he must suck at baseball using a Cleaver :grin:

Most games do it this way. MSF has a shard collectible for each character. They are just picking random stuff. Not sure what the obsession is with cakes.


Let them…eat cake? :birthday:.




Exactly the point. To keep us scraping on the items we actually want. Only giving us enough of each to be a headache. I have at least 150 of every item in collections. Keys, cones, bullets, cards. And I actually have 3400 cones which I’m working on direly. But instead of cones it gives me keys, bullets, and cards of which I don’t want. I even got some red velvet cake. And vanilla cakes. I wish we could trade collectibles within our factions. My team mates have the cones I need while I have the keys, bullets, cards they need. I also wish we could trade duplicate toons.


I don’t think this would be an issue had this game started out with collecting fragments for characters. I remember people on the forums saying they would quit RTS (lol) if it were like other mobile games that make you collect shards to obtain toons/level them up but that’s basically what these collectibles are lol.

It’s also one of the things that keep me from coming back to the game. I downloaded it a few days ago to see how things were going and saw all the museum events and cluttered roadmap, something about a zombie head reward for war, then quickly uninstalled again.

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Lol I feel ya way too much going on

I think it was scopley trolling us again around the time it started there was alot of unrest, that old story about people begging for bread and the Queen was like let them eat cake :birthday:

But it’s just another why to hook people

So, the way I am playing it, is I am just going after cones, just picking one and going for it, I am accidently picking up the odd key or other bit of crud here and there, but just focusing on the cones, once I have gotten all the cones, I shall check what my biggest accident collection is by that time, and just do that one, I think it’s too stressful to fret about all of them.

collectables are only a few months old, and it’s already annoying as fuck, what’s it going to be like in 12 months, seeing they promised S-class is only available in the museum (things have to change) scopely play your game

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