Too low rewards


This is the next solo lvl up tournament. Didnt we receive 5500 5* tokens for top 100, now there’s only 3500?


I encourage everyone in regions with the total shit rewards to barely compete and people in those hyper reward regions to compete more, it will encourage scoplie to give all regions more realistic rewards


Not that it should matter, but OP had a pic for solo level up, and the other pics were from an Survival Road tourney


@kalishane that right there is total bs… what? Scopely thinks we wont find out… really pissed off that im not #dedicated enough…


Nope. Check again.


Yes…you even wrote survival road. The op said their pics were from solo level up


Here’s my guess:

They are attempting to establish a new internal valuation of “assets” in lieu of pending “compliance with disclosure policies.” This will result in large variance of any and all entities which exist in-game, until such time that said valuation has been determined, and/or policy enacted.


Its because all regions have the level up but only select regions have the survival road


Geez, haven’t even gotten the event and already complaining. At least let it drop first.


It’s actually higher than before. We used to receive 2.5-2.7k 5* tokens as of recently for top 100.


Why complain havent seen 5* tokens in a minute


In my case im short ascendance medals while i know some may not be it discourages me to make any pulls weither it be from premier or the 100 follar jerimiah pull when i have a back log of toons id like to ascend but can’t i am literally bottlenecked and until i feel comfortable that i can do something with the toons i have in line i have no desire to spend. Happy new year


At least your region got 5★ tokens. My region got Gold Nuggets in Lvl Up & Survival Road.


Fuck, my bad. Now the original Screenshot is up.


My guess is that we have them non stop. This being the case more rewards all the way around. Lvl up event horrible. I absolutely hate them.
Gearmap 2.0 horrible
Lack of t4 gear.
All of this leads to bad times.


I keep seeing ppl talking about a Screwdriver event. But when exactly did they run this event? I’ve been playing this game since February 15, 2017 & never have seen this event.


Within last 5 months. It was a fun event. Fact mate got screw driver weap and thought it was a single drop.


I’ve been picking up screwdrivers since I started playing, but still never saw this event. I play every single day.
I have never missed a day, yet.


It was a roadmap u farmed for screwdrivera. Happened after ascendance went live


I was here for ascendance event where we were given 3★ Ezekiel who you had to lvl up to 4★ to get the 5★, so you could ascend him to a 6★. Here’s a picture of some of my screwdrivers

I have 6★ Ezekiel.