Tokens overhaul

Hey @kalishane if you could please take these suggestions to the team as I don’t think they would be very hard to implement. First make a new token wheel with only the ascendable characters on it(doesn’t have to have any of the premier ones) like Shiva, carl, mira, ect. without all the garbage 5 star characters on it. Make these tokens the rewards for war prize instead of 5 star tokens. 5 star tokens are fine for level up and raid but not the main event everyone looks forward to. This will motivate people to war more and really improve our overall spirit and feeling about the game right now. Second please get rid of basic tokens from the war crates, the crates seem weighted heavily towards giving these and they are almost worthless in the age of 6 stars and a total let down to receive. Replace them with liliths and burts with Ulysses or war fills and legendary medals. These crates have been the same for a long time and have become a source of constant let down. Here is the stuff we get from these tokens:Screenshot_20180109-225946Screenshot_20180109-225941Screenshot_20180109-225929

Almost everything that comes from this is 1 star weapons and characters which are worthless at this point. Please update the crates and make this new token wheel of ascendable only characters for war prizes. Thanks.


But 30 of these openings are worth 3600 coins. We are getting amazing value here. Each basic token is a free 120 coins.



It’s crazy just how stupid that is :joy::joy:

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I’m always scared I’ll accidentally hit the coin option when I’m redeeming my ten million basic tokens after a few wars.

Spending coin on a 1* would be soul reavingly awful

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Thanks basic rewards wheel should be updated and exclude 1* toons and weapons and include more 3* toons and weapons and maybe throw in some Burt’s and other persona trainers…


Totally agree. It won’t happen.

Opening basic tokens used to be a handy way to get 2* toons for level up tourneys. Now they are filled with trash.

Great idea :+1:
Unfortunately it will never happen. Best we will get is “soon”