Tokens more 5 o 6



why do not give more chips of 5, or lower prices, but I think we all liked the fast wars during the week or weekend in the place of both level and level, because there is a new roulette with those of 6 possible ? I tell many we lack characters like carl, shiva, etc. we are bored of the same teams of 6, always and leaders mirabell or carl, and soon vicente! we want variety in the 6, or be able to get those that we need to make 6 of the old ones that year at the end of farewell or classic michonne, red caroline ??? characters that have more experience veteran or not so veteran, more than 6 with leader skills so they have more variety in the teams !!!

because there is no character of 6 with PA leader ability to attack, who is strong and fast leader? (example negan limited edition)

porqué no dan más fichas de 5, o el bajen de los precios, aunque creo que todos nos gustaron las guerras rápidas entre semana o fin de semana en el lugar de tanto nivel y nivel, porque no hay una nueva ruleta con los de 6 posibles? digo a muchos nos faltan personajes como carl, shiva, etc. estamos aburridos de los mismos equipos de 6, siempre y lideres mirabell o carl, y próximamente vicente! queremos variedad en los 6, o poder conseguir los que nos faltan hacer de 6 de los antiguos que tal año en el final de despedida o michonne clásica, caroline roja ??? personajes que tienen más veterano de experiencia o no tan veterano, mas de 6 con habilidades de líder así que tienen más variedad en los equipos !!!

porque no existe un personaje de 6 con habilidad de lider de PA al atacar, que sea líder de fuertes y rápidos? (ejemplo negan edición limitada)


The whole reason I think why there’s so much of Carl and Mirabelle is because of their all-around leader skill. Mirabelle making a ranged team devastating and Carl making a melee team tanks. As for anyone else, perhaps they couldn’t get their hand on them. Mirabelle and Carl can be obtained through 5* and Prestige tokens. Almost every other legendary with a leader skill as far as I know is a premier, which some people cannot do with. So of course those two will be sighted as the leader a lot. They’re the basic legendary we just gotta have first. And you also mentioned Shiva so I guess you’re not a big fan of the usual Carl/Shiva/Zeke or Mira/Ty/Abe teams, right. Again, basic toon that can be obtained through the tokens. So what you want is to have at least a few promo toons moved to the token section. That way, there might be more diversity in legendary leaders and teammates. Maybe sometime in the future. One can only hope.


The ability for these free ascendable to drop already ascended should be one of the next steps also.