Tokens... Limited Time Token Wheel? New Depot? Oh my!


I made a thread a while back (here: ) that put together a few ideas on dealing with duplicates and adding new token wheels. That was a bit before ascendance and 6s came into the picture and especially before 5 tokens started showing up more often as rewards and in larger amounts. The concept of breaking down duplicates into the next tier of tokens could still work but there might be more reasons to use them as ascendance fodder than turning them into tokens these days. Still, for those who would like the option, it would be an interesting system to have. The point for this new thread… there’s a recent concern by some that 5* tokens just aren’t fitting for top brackets. Now a 6* itself or an ascendable 5* as top prizes is probably still the desired “dream prize” but I do believe there are ways handing out tokens can be more rewarding to those that receive more at a time or are patient and manage their tokens well.

In light of the recent trend of giving out an abundance of tokens for higher brackets, to which many haven’t been very welcoming of, I think there’s a way to make tokens a worthy prize: Limited Time 5* Recruit wheels. Stay with me… the big issue with the regular 5* token characters is that people winning up to 15 or 20 thousand of them at once don’t really see the same value that someone like me might in an “ordinary” toon from the current wheel. These limited time wheels could challenge that. The idea is that these wheels still consume 5* tokens but a greater amount of them and at the higher cost a better selection to pull from. But they will also be dynamic and spontaneous, changing in theme and contents each time a new one pops up. Now, how does this make a difference with 5s dwindling in usability by the day? Because these wheels will be made with active war participants and high level meta players in mind. The types of themes that could go into these wheels are as follows but not limited to: War toons, Exclusively Ascendable 5s (with a chance for a select 6*), Savior Recruits (with a chance for 6* Dwight). Stuff like that.

The idea is that these limited time wheels reward players who A) Work hard and place high in tournaments gaining larger amounts of 5* tokens and having a better use for them or B) players who are smart, manage their resources, and save their tokens until they can make a limited time recruit pull. The goal is that it also revitalizes the variety of characters you’ll see out there. Yes, not everyone one of them will be ascendable but when that day comes those with pulls from the limited time recruits will have something more uncommon and ultimately a chance for a somewhat more unique 6* than the same old Mirabelle, Carl, or Tyreese.

Now allow me to tell you how this also benefits the business. It’s great for players but tokens are for the most part a free thing, right? Where can you profit? Because these wheels will be a limited time only, lasting anywhere from 1 day to 5 days you can place offers or bags/crates for tokens in the shop for people who want to do more pulls or a just short of pulls. You can also strategically place them around events that give an abundance of tokens as a top reward. If the 3 day limited time recruit wheel has unique ascendable promo toons you can bet people will be willing to spend just a little bit more to get that prize and make a pull.

Here are some example of these limited time wheels. I’m not a photoshop expert so it’ll be in text. Some imagination will be required.:

Hilltop Recruits with a chance for 6 Kal: 3 days only*
Jesus “Road to Survival #1
6* Kal
Jesus “A New Beginning”
Maggie “Road to Survival #1

Cost of one pull = 25,000 5* tokens

Savior Receuits with a chance for 6 Dwight: 5 days only*
Negan “Kirkman Series”
Connor “Something to Fear”
6* Dwight
Tara “What Comes After”

Cost of one pull = 17,500 5* tokens

Ascendable Recruits: 2 days only
Abraham “Road to Survival #2
Vincent “Call to Arms”
Rosita “Road to Survival #4
Lori “Days Gone Bye”
Joshua “Hardened Survivor”
The Governor “The Calm Before”

Cost of one pull = 15,000 5* tokens

War Veterans: 1 day only
Amy “Days Gone Bye”

Cost of one pull = 30,000 5* tokens

Ranged Recruit Special: 1 day only
Michonne “Road to Survival #4
Rick “Shiva Force”

Cost of one pull = 50,000 tokens

Prize & Reward Feedback!

Why not just make the 5* tokens be the same 10k per pull, but put all the 5*'s from a certain set point in time and just gather them all into a stash pull. That way you don’t get dupes till the stash is completed.


I’m going off of the notion that some 5s are definitively worth more than others. I don’t see why a token promotion with Priya in it should go for the same cost as one with depot characters no matter if there are 10 “filler” characters in both. Maybe I’m wrong on that train of thought? It is true that the overall value of a 5 is diminishing.

Adapting a select group of 5*s to token stashes would be interesting. I typically ignore them, maybe that’s why it didn’t come to mind. lol.


All I’m saying is that since the new wheel I have pulled the same shitty richard or shane just like the old wheel where I old wheel where I would pull heath or richard for days. I just want a change that would be beneficial for everyone to steer away from dupes. So IMO stashes for 5tokens would be great. mix it up on every stash. That doesnt mean that the 5’s 6 months before ascension came should be in there. no way do I want more pyrias to pop up. H8 her soo much on carl teams.


Ohhhhh! Wow. I interpreted that so wrong. You want the current wheel to instead be a stash for the same amount, 10k tokens, and be updated regularly with a new set of characters. Gotcha. I was reading that as “The limited time recruits should be stashes and all cost the same for one pull.” That would be a great thing to have. We should have both imo.

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God stop complaining all the time


This is the person who said they had dibs on the name or is this the REAL “Rib Cage” lol?

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I see there are two “Rib Cage”s floating around now. One or both can’t be real. Well, we were bound to come to this sooner or later on the new forum. Unfortunately this has evolved into a meme.

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Please show us tell everyone how great and not buggy or how people aren’t cheating pls!!!


Always enjoy your posts @TheSurvivor. I don’t always agree with your opinions but always well written and thoughtful posts regardless.

I happen to think this is a great idea. Players at the top of the meta don’t want duplicate toons from the wheel as prizes despite the need for more, easier to grab, ascension fodder.

We fought our way to the top factions and invested money in this game for the great prizes, not a 3rd Richard in 3 pulls or a Caroline.

I would much prefer events had unique prizes worth investing time and energy towards than anything but a re-hash of the token system would be a worth while compromise if done correctly

Regardless, we all know the response this post will get once “taken to the team” :confused:


Love this idea. All my 5* tokens are disappointing, the majority are duplicates.
It would be awesome to have some other options.


I re thought this. Maybe it doesn’t even need to be a spontaneous wheel promo. What about just another depot that uses various recruit tokens as currency that resets every so often? Benedicts or guaranteed gear for varying amounts of elite tokens. Guaranteed 5* recruits for X amount of 5* tokens. Guaranteed 4* recruits for X amount of 4* tokens. Basic tokens for… I don’t know yet.

It’s the best of both worlds right. There’s always the issue removing stuff from the basic, helper, or elite gear wheel hurts new players so why not leave that the way it is and add a 2nd use for those tokens. Using them, in higher amounts, for some higher end stuff in a depot that refreshes much more frequently and much more randomly than all the others.


Yeah I’ve got little to offer about the current situation. Here’s an old idea.

Give er a look shall ye. <- I don’t know what any of that was about.