Token pulls not all 100

I would think its sucks because its RNG and most of my teammates would not get the same reward for the same effort they put in…

What about instead of coins they just put useful toons inside a wheel? Im pretty sure they done those events before no?

Sure, but there’s gonna be people like you who’s still gonna complain about it. I’d rather get coins than some useless 4* or gear than try to pull an ascendable

I mean, it applies.

The rewards in every event in this game has always been pretty bad. Its like people have gotten so used to it now they think this crap is good but in reality its the same crap reward they always give us for everything. Stop being satisfied with scraps. I will complain until they improve our rewards it is simple. Just because its free coins you guys are turning the other way but its the same crap reward for every event they put out.

Perhaps because they have set that standard as you have said. It’s been the same for the four years I have played. Therefore, when a standard is set, I can’t complain. If I’m unbappy about it, I simply choose to move on and invest my time elsewhere.

It is the standard your right about that. But if people don’t complain, they will never do anything about it. I admit they will not regardless of the complaints, but I think it is okay to show some frustration on forums with the very low standard for rewards, that is all I was doing but ill drop it now. I guess some people will be happy with the low standards forever.

I just don’t really see this as low standards. By my count, there are 7 easy missions on this event. So unless you are terribly unlucky, should be picking up 1500+ coins in this event that’s 21 days. Not so horrible.

Now that’s not to say that they should be releasing toon events for legacies, but that’s a different conversation. Most players are coin starved. It’s nice to see them giving out some currency.

And I was pointing out that 1.5k+ will get them what exactly? Things we get by playing regularly daily and for free… I don’t consider something i can get for free a actual reward I am sorry!

1.5k on its own isn’t a lot… but if you get 2100 from league (3 weeks) and 3150 from daily videos… it adds up to quite a bit. So again, it’s in the eye of the beholder. You can get close to a nice forty pull in 21 days if your active.

I am sorry bud I am not trying to argue against you, but I don’t even consider a forty pull as “nice”. How many people get a ascendable for a 40 pull with these odds? Lmao 1%? So you save your few coins from this and all the coins you can get for a month or 2 to do a 40 pull and get 5* ascendable green negan. NICE!

I’m saving a 40 pull for Ajax, only toon I want



Faction mate

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