Token box please

The new token box that is currently being offered for 69 gold advertisers that you have a 50-50 chance of getting either 100 tokens or 2000 tokens … I purchased eight of them so far and every single one of them has been 100 tokens.
I find it highly doubtful that the odds are fifty-fifty and I pulled the same one eight times in a row.
I feel like I have been duped into spending coins and have gotten nothing for them.

The odds displayed are false and we are put into “buckets” that changes the odds.


What does buckets mean?

It means you got a bad bucket bruh quit buying anything with rng odds


1 in 128 I think not as rare as you might think.

This^ you have been tricked into thinking the odds displayed are true, buckets is the name that was given to these categories, you are in a bad bucket, if it says 50% chance, you might be in a bucket that gives you 10% or a bucket that gives you 90%

What a rip off. It clearly says the odds are 50/50.

Oh, you dont know about the venture beat article lol but yea the SVP admitted to this in an article published by a very well know news outlet for games, it says 50/50 but that depends on your bucket

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Plus sometimes the posted odds are just incorrect like the Mia Red Velvet Cake wheel that was supposed to have a 33% chance of cake but it was really 3%

What the frick is rng?

Random number generator.

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I guess you’re new… Both here and in game.
Scopely jumped on you so fast you might think they’re zombies and you’re a piece of meat!
Oh, wait! For them, you are a piece of meat with a credit card. So I guess the metaphor is true, to a certain degree. :sweat_smile:

Buckets is literally your own odds.

Meaning. A guess for mine is I did two prestige pulls when they updated it and it has been guarantee Ascendable.

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