Today's survival Road event


I looked rather quickly but I didn’t see any pictures or info on the survival Road event guide me folks


Very fast very fast thank you very much heart pressing for you


What time does it start


in 70 mins


not worth using cans imo. goal is just get top 100


I may use cans if I’m in the mood to play enough only for the legendary medals for completion though. I’m running low on them and could use them all.


100% agree. Unless your bone dry on medals just aim for top 100 and use up the free energy.

These radios as rewards need to go. Even if you just replaced them with item tokens or random gear it would be so much more useful. Why can’t all three rows be filled? I really miss the one free can for beating bronze. Can you mention this to the team @kalishane? As always it’s appreciated.

Thank you to @addicted for taking the time out to post the rewards. Still don’t see why we have to get our info from a hacker site. Should always be posted here by Scopely once they are set and locked in before the event. Maybe this is something that should be brought to the team as well.

Good luck everyone!


I know its done by design on Scopely’s part as a dangling carrot, BUT does anyone else get annoyed at the uneven numbers of medals and legendary tokens they give out.

You need 300 legendary and 250k medals…

so why is it always 215 legendary or 225 legendary, 210k silver or 230k silver.

Its this way in bags, crates, stashes. You never just award enough for an actual ascendance.

I can only assume you want people to get frustrated enough to BUY the difference.

Even your last stash for PURCHASE was only 7 benedicts, and 230 legendary.

It just looks bad and desperate.


YES!!! Ocd nightmare over here. Drives me nuts.


I notice it everywhere and it gets to me all the time lol


Shoot, I am in dire need for the silver medals. Some how I have enough legendary medals but not enough silver medals to ascend 4 toons. so I’ll take the medals where I can get them.