Today's Sr event a copy and paste or what


They may be copy and paste when someone let me know thanks hustling the time that it may start


Haven’t seen the rewards. But I’m 100% it’s just a copy and paste event.
Exciting times. :neutral_face:


10pm GMT

Same old same old…


Yay, same rewards although they’ve changed the guaranteed Benedict to an RNG chance at a Benedict. /Sarcasm filter on\ Excellent, see, they do listen to their players, we’ve all been asking for this \Sarcasm filter off/


And we have all been begging for months for more rng. We all love rng so much. It’s the best. :crazy_face:




Oh dear, a trait restrictive active trainer, even better.

Oh the joy.

Fortunately I have about 20 Benedicts knocking around because I have nothing but dupes of toons I already don’t use to ascend.


Thank you very much great Forum gods


medals are what we need :wink:


Yes indeed and I am glad to see that third place has its own place that adding it into the 10 to 4 was horseshit


Why can’t they alternate Ulysses and lilliths. So awful.


These events are always about the milestones anyway. When was the last time the team rewards weren’t total crap?

Get the necklaces and call it a day.


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