Today's Solo Level up rewards?


Hey guys! Any news from VK or whatever on today’s solo lvlup rewards?

I saw another thread like this but the other one has a bit misleading title (albeit funny xD). Anyways sorry for posting another one but I really need to know this :slight_smile:

Good hunting!

Slut rewards 15 characters
When does solo level up start? 4-13-18
Slut rewards 15 characters

One million keep survivings


No cookies? :confused:


Thank you so much!

I was hoping for more legendary stuff, but this looks like a new collection. Oh well, I will do my best then and see what these necklaces are for :slight_smile:

Thanks again, Burlzy.


Sweet! Worth fighting for. If I go bonkers on this one, legendary gear I need is guaranteed.

Thank you yet again!


S.L.U.T is the abbreviation for Solo Level Up Tournament in these forums kinda. ^^


I’m quite aware of that, I eveb sold the joke to my faction some time ago :smiley: This and “ass tickets” xD


Real mature, fellas…


What’s up with the wolf?


It’s the internet. What else do you expect?

Pardon me, its time for tea.


What are they anybody know


Bumpity bump.



2m worth it sweet


Never heard of a furry before?


Really wish they stuck with Faction lvl instead of solo lvl…



Can’t say I have.



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