Today's short rant

Hello, it’s been well over a year and raid tournaments are still trash. I get that you all are completely out of touch with your game and could care less but it takes 50k armory tokens to ascend just one… one 4* weapon to 5* it also takes 10k armory tokens to make one attempt at a nearly 90% fail rate it seems. Takes 2k to reset a weapon. So what the hell are we suppose to do with this terribly structured milestone for raids? Terrible amount of league points so no real help there. Torches? Probably most gracious thing… 5* tokens? Why… useless for mostly all your players compared to gear or heck even more torches since you gave up on the 5* wheel. Now armory tokens… not even enough all together for one single craft attempt… barely even half an attempt. What a joke, stop starving us to death on every part of your game… Jesus, let people enjoy something for once? Raid tournaments are a job and not a rewarding, same as most your other events now.

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Wth is this lol? Just another thing showing your marketing team has absolutely no touch… thanks for the laugh.


Let’s see how quickly people will get to 10k raid points. Already at 4k in my region lol

I agree with everything you said. I have no words for this shit.

LMAO $50 dollars for THAT. they sure reek of desperation.

Only trash rewards aff and events totally brokens.

This new armory will be the straw that breaks the camels back for me. So absurd.

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rick…damn u complain alot. If i had that many issues id quit.

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Thank you for your insightful post. Quitting is a better solution than advocating for change, I agree.

I hope you don’t own a business and tell every person that is unhappy with your product to take their business elsewhere.

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u know i love ya Rick

Love you back! I just want some god damn tokens so I can keep failing lmao.

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How about and I know this sounds crazy…wait for it…Don’t compete in the event and get others to do the same. If everyone would boycott and show we won’t even waste our time or cans for trash rewards maybe they will change. I know it’s far fetched but if people are gonna burn 60 cans to win this trash we deserve these rewards.

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i love you as well Duffy

Wrong. They don’t care if you participate in the event or not as long as you log-in daily. The money they’re able to squeeze from advertisers is based on downloads and log-ins, not participation. I thought a smooth talking is member would know that. :wink:

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