Today's Road Warrior Roadmap

Hey guys I was trying to figure out how to complete today/tomorrow’s road warrior roadmap… Someone did the math and figured out that if you do Road Rage map every day, you will be just short of getting Bruce/Sandy, (add raiding into this) but you’d have enough essentially at the end.

However with war this weekend…the only way to complete today’s roadmap, is to get 100k milestone in war, which takes a full weekend to do sometimes with work/home life essentials.

My roadmap resets around 1am for me. So I have until 1am tonight to get 100k milestone in order to complete today’s roadmap, but then at 1am, what about tomorrow’s roadmap? There is no event scheduled to give out batteries tomorrow. So tomorrow’s map can’t completed. On the flip side, if I can’t get 100k today, then today’s roadmap can’t be completed, but I’d have enough to do tomorrow’s.

So one of the maps can’t be completed either today or tomorrow based off of the event. Is my math correct here? Am I looking at it wrong?


You can buy batteries. So you aren’t looking at it wrong but rather from a perspective which isn’t exactly scopely’s sales targets. Or us-centred event timings.

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Are we gonna get another key tho cause i have none and ive done road rage everyday, no issues and hit the milestones, etc but need a key for when the roadmap resets in 16 hours

No there won’t be another key until the next solo level up event, which is after war, which is after tomorrow’s reset.

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So not only do we not have enough batteries available to do the roadmap today/tomorrow, depending on when you hit your war milestone. We are also short 1 Red Key to open that roadmap.

(I do realize that you can buy a red key when the bag is available, but the roadmap/event structure isn’t working on this war weekend with naturally getting available items.)


The deals they keep coming out with are all pretty terrible too compared to the starter pack. They could have at least kept that starter pack out until players decided to buy it or not


If your going to spend money for this event I suggest you do it now. The longer you wait the worse the “deals” become and the more expensive they will be as well.

I almost feel if you passed on that starter deal you are pretty much screwed.

@DddyMac13 if you miss an s9 map one day as long as you complete both sets of maps twice in the future your back on track. I strongly suggest picking up a couple of extra keys with league tokens when that bag comes back.

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Thanks ill keep that in mind. Ive hit all milestones so far so i should be at the same exact point as any othet non spender. Just dont think its right that we are shorthanded because of the lack of milestone due to the long war weekend.

already stocked up on keys when crate was out you also get some batteries as well.

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I bought the red key and battery deal for 150 coins (comes with a refill too). I know that we dont get a key for sunday’s roadmap and that some are trying to f2p the event but 150 is not much at all to cover the missing key for tomorrow.


What was in the 10$ starter deal do you recall? I zoomed right over it. @Rickygrimes @IronandWine

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I forgot exactly but the main takeaway was 4 keys, 2k in tires, and 2k in batteries. A nice head start and according to the forums math, no raiding required if you beat the s9++ map every day.

I think that alone made it worthwhile. Saved a ton of cans because 3-8 tires a raid is complete nonsense. Especially in a region that refuses to drop d because you know meaningless rep.


I just picked up a red key for 150 coin. The problem was being short on batteries for tomorrow’s roadmap. With no extra event, even with an extra red key, you’re still short on enough batteries to run through the roadmap.

Yea the starter deal had the best value. These deals are just getting worse and worse. Sigh.


I havent had a key pop up for sale in the store or in offers, i hope they bring them back before these maps reset, be entire day wasted.

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