Today's IOS update


I normally play on an android tablet in the evenings and an Iphone 7+ all other times. When I went to Open walking dead this morning I was told my save game was a higher version than my app and to update my app. I so far have not found an update to walking dead in the appstore except for last weeks which I have updated to ( It was working fine for me yesterday ). I have tried to reboot the iphone to see if that made the app show up ( which is what was needed last time ). Even the apps version history shows no update to it in the last week. I was wanting to know when is the IOS update going to be released so that I can go back to playing other times than just a couple hour in the evening?


Put up the same topic early this morning. This happened to me last night. I am anticipating an iOS update sometime soon…but who the heck knows when.


Android had an update today so I’m sure the apple one will come through soon, usuallt a couple hour difference between me updating and others in my faction who have apple devices


Do you know if faction assault is fixed in this update?


No clue yet sorry wed just finished one yesterday. Gotta build tickets back up. Maybe someone whos running one right now will let us know


New update iOS available but again the same problem.
It seems we have to wait a new update again for iOS … One day i can’t play on my device


I get error 11 message, and if i click it opens a support page.
Everyttime lot of surprises


Could you please PM me your Region and Username and/or Friend Code? Thank you!


There should not be TWO different version out on iOS and Android. 9.0.5 on iOS and 9.0.6 on Android…this is preventing players from swapping devices.


T this point I have fully updated my IOS, updated the game and then fully uninstalled the game and reinstalled. And still cannot load my game due to it being a higher save version than my game version. I am thinking either they labeled the version different or their version check routine is bad. Pretty much ends my play until this is fixed.


Same here, fix this shit im lock you bunch of clueless …


I can log in and link account to all android devices. As soon as I try IOS I get the version error even though it is fully updated.


Having the same issue please patch and fix this asap…


I am having same issue


The fix is in the pipe with Apple. Once it’s gone through review we’ll push it out ASAP.


then you should allow both versions to play online and not buiding in a request to update to the newer Version
especially if you know that the ios process takes longer then Android

imho its ridiculous to not allow the quere play between devices and requesting the change device bs everytime … especially if we can’t skip the intro


Push it even more ASAP as soon as possible and faster plzzzz




ios updates seem to come in later than android versions generally. That lies with Apple, not the company that develops the games.


wouldnt it make sense to hold the android one a few hours or a day to try and balance things out?