Today's a good day for an ultra rare gear road map!


Just saying. The road map is virtually empty. Surely there is enough room for a 24 hour ultra rare gear road map. @kalishane. Thanks!

Side note: we were told we would still get elite rare and ultra rare gear maps in addition to the daily ultimate gear map. This is not an old maps vs new maps post. This is simply a request for Ultra rare gear map. Thoughts and feedback is always welcome but please do not derail the intention of this post. Thank you :slight_smile:


Would be a welcome map!


It will be here today. Unfortunately it will be the one you cant grind for gear cept for the infamous gear bag that never shows up but 1/100 times you try.


I am referring to the ultra rare gear road map which farmable, not the ultimate gear map


Have to say the gear bags drops are ok for me. To bad the things that i got from it just are the gear i didnt want lol


The old maps are never coming back


You all did not get your fill with the month long gear maps? I think I have enough to max out 20 5* now.

I hated the Christmas event token system but liked the gear maps and assault discounts.


These new maps are very expensive energy wise if you also want to farm for survivors and items you can sell for food. The pay out of the original roadmap was 2-3times better.


@kalishane can we please have a response? :slight_smile:


I need both ultra and rare gear maps, farmable ones too


@kalishane please respond. I see that you are responding to troll.posts but not posts with legitimate concerns and requests. Thank You @kalishane


@kalishane this post is not rude or off-putting so I don’t understand why you are avoiding it like the plague. I have PMed you as well hours ago and still no response at all. @kalishane


100% agree, give up already lmao :man_facepalming:


I would say based on about 50 of these threads being asked and @kalishane hasn’t responded to a single one of them we ain’t getting a old style gear map in 2018 … when we all quit the gear map will pop back up


@kalishane I hope you can acknowledge this post today.


One of the old style gear maps would be greatly appreciated @kalishane

Please don’t leave it unanswered for months on end until parts of the community become disillusioned & start discussing gear maps in a ‘toxic’ way due to feeling ignored.


@kalishane any input would be greatly appreciated.


We need the old map NOW i dont have any gears at all im stuck wtf???


Im not doing your “new” map im boycoting it, there was no reason to change it. Again dont try to fix what is not broken!


@kalishane… Its day 3…will you be acknowledging the post today? If you don’t know, just say you don’t know, but the fact that you are ignoring this post and my PMs is very rude and disheaterning, especially when I see you all over the negative and trolling posts and posts where people disrespect you , but you ignore those of us who speak to you respectfully or just have questions, concerns requests. @kalishane