Today’s update error

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So I updated the app. In the update it says it includes t6 for faction assault. When I go into faction assault, there’s no t6 yet… when should we expect it?


Same with me.

Likely shortly after they force update. Right now it’s optional, you need to go to the store to update manually.

This is common as to prevent launch of Faction Assault (or other features) and not having everyone with access to it as some are still on 10.0.

I got nothing new in FA also on iOS

Best guess, by early next week. Since the Assault isn’t a vital component of gameplay, the update isn’t forced, as it won’t affect War/SR/etc. Once the T6 is ready to go live, the update will be forced and Assault will be updated.

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Look in beta region.

I’m not in Beta. What are you referring to?

Early 2018.

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