Today’s events?


Any idea on today’s events ??

Thanks and cheers , ⓟⓢ I don’t care what they say I love the new Andrea she’s fabulous



every Monday is the same event…


Really helpful mate cheers and thanks


Lvl up with red eugene reward


In a few minutes


no problem just check past calendars as reference


Your a plonker even though you meant well


all the info is there already no need to be a retard about it


You mean airplane wise or mentally ? I asked a question Instead of being a “retard” , you could’ve answered it directly , anyhow have a good day


Hahaha good one mate !! See you have what it takes to put a smile on peoples faces , listen , I don’t care what they say about you , I think your cool !


Plz stop here, both. Thats enough imagination for today.


lol you are so right , enough is enough on another note I would like to thank those who actually answered my initial question , and yes I was to lazy to browse the forum , I admit


Hides in the shadows watching this play out


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