Today is The Day


Everyone should post this… today will be remembered :sob:


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Way to break my heart bro


Ricks last walking dead episode


Rick is the bomb.


at least he wobt die


Likely not but that doesn’t have anything to do what I said.


Rick will get taken by the helicopter Anne sends to help, so he won’t die at all. Its confirmed.


I haven’t heard that it was confirmed, more like teased.


(7 characters


Supposedly (sort of spoiler alert) they’re making another spin-off like FTWD which I’m guessing will have Rick in it (they said he wouldn’t be in TWD anymore, never said anything about spin-offs).


Tbh, twd and ftwd shows are garbage and have been for years.


I agree about FTWD.


Twd fell apart after the 1st negan season. It wasn’t great for a few before that.


Eh, only thing I don’t like is how Glenn and Abraham died like that (also Carl).


Glenn was supposed to die right? Rather abe die that way than in the way he did comics


I’d rather neither of them die.


Glenn died as he did in the comics.

Abe dies with an arrow through his eye, which is how they killed off Denise in the the show. (via Dwight’s arrow)

Andrea survives through all out war arc, into the time leap.

Michonne gets in it with Ezekiel instead of Carol.

Judith (baby) dies at the prison, Lori carrying her gets shot.

Morgan dies in Alexandria. Arm gets cut off after being bitten but bleed out.

Tyrese gets beheaded by governor.

Dale gets his leg cut off in the prison, not hershel, and has the stump. Dies prior to Alexandria after being feasted on by cannibals.

Gabriel’s eye thing is what a savior dude has.

Dwight leads the saviors, which is currently Daryls role.

Obviously Carl survives in the comics.

Tyreses kid offs herself with her boyfriend in the prison. He joins much earlier.

There were creepy little girls twins that were killed by one of the inmates.


Thank you lmao


Yeah it’s safe to say comics> show