Today is a sad day for. Memes

Member article 13 well yesterday another vote happened and what did the E. S. S. U do they went and voted it in and did not even apply the ammendments which could have made ot less dedly. This doesn’t just affect the E. U but it affects everybody outside tooo… Amd in all seriouseness this doesn’t just affect are memes but freedom of speech will be absolutely yeeted by this… Since links to any news sources rces or any site will be taxxed… An example of how bad this is would go something like this you are a content creator and you decide to cover a topic which you want to give your opinion on you cite yoir sources and facts with links to the relevant web pages you got them from however article 13 is going to tax you for that link. Its not good
… I am aware this is a game but the vote that has passed is downright terrible and it is in my best interest that you are aware… It is the best that i can do or anyone can do right now.
Finally thank you for taking your time to read this it is really appreciated

Its just go to protest next day

There are certainly issues with it, but

1). the precise text of this regulation/law has not been finalised yet

2). the final text has to be passed into law by each EU member state individually, a process that could easily take another one to two years from now

Meanwhile keep lobbying your MEPs, unless you are British of course, for soon you won’t have any!

Lets kick in the nuts those idiots in EU parlament

Hopefully this will stop people from posting links to their YouTube videos everywhere :grimacing:

Rickrolled people are mad people, right. :crazy_face:

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