Today is a good day for a gear map


flaks and beanies are always welcomed.

Please release a gear map today.

That is all.


Where the hell were you 4 days ago when they had that map up?


Working the map.

Need more.

Too many toons to work.


First world problems, I know.

It rains 5* toons nowadays, not enough gear to keep up even with being selective on who gets the flak/beanie and shelving the others for another week or two


I agree. Elite gear maps with beanies and jackets should be more available…perhaps through gold radios. Where are those gold radios, btw?..


Expect gear offer pop ups within the next 24 hours. Happens every time people ask for gearmaps. Scopley forum / free customer feedback on how to squeeze us for $$$




There was one earlier this week… But yeah, i had to grind for some specific pieces of gear and i can see how people are running low if they don’t farm their brains out. Doesn’t hurt the game to add another one, does it?


They need to just put the damn Ultimate Gear map up so people can farm elite and ultra rare at the same time.


have a cat and carl and 5 star can stack 5 star stack at tier 3 max two 6s stuck at tier 1


I disagree that today is a good day for the map. I of course would love any gear maps, but it’s shirts and gloves day as well as the free roadmap. I need time to farm and adding that to the list…that’s a lot of farming. We typically do get one on Thursday though :frowning:


My thoughts exactly. Any day soon but today.


But remove the useless 1st part of it, or unlock all 3 parts for players to farm as they please


On second thought… tomorrow works better.

Make it Happen!


There is an Ultra Gear map for Sunday!

Remember this Scopely?
Gear maps... where are they
Remember this Scopely?

Beauty, thanks @kalishane

Just in time for faction lvl up right…? :wink:


Last PK & DT map was 2 month ago lets go scopely wake up


Thanks Shane! Don’t forget about the weapon parts map. As others have said, it’s been a long time since we had one.


War is a bad time for an UltraRare gear map… limited drop leads will be available, as active war leads will be up on nearly everyone on sunday.


I’ll take it, now lets get that legendary gear map rolling :smile: