Today I thought about pulling

Today I woke up and saw the recent buff to Jessie, thought hey she may be useful to me. As I wondered how much it would cost to get her my enthusiasm died. See it wasn’t so much the cost but rather the uncertainty.

I don’t know if this game will be running in 3 months. I don’t know if S-class will release proper and create a new meta. I don’t know if I will play that long. You see scopely much like the UK economy right now uncertainty is going to kill this game.

You need to tell us your plans, tell us what you’re going to be adding, what you’re going to do to keep the F2P player base and how you’re going to keep the game interesting. Otherwise people like me will keep saying not today to spending and this game will end.


Some kind of… promise roadmap, would be handy


Lmfao Parker. Genius :wink:

Some kind of player council would be handy too.

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Which has no time attached. Is this going to be a week or a month? It’s got specifics in terms of wheels and bags being refreshed but to what extent? They’ve given something to take the pressure off but it’s next to nothing. If player council is anything like the poll they ran on restarting war what’s to stop them just ignoring all the suggestions?

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30-60 days isn’t a timeline? Any toon you buy has a chance to be irrelevant in 3 months. Most defense toons work that way.

I wouldn’t pull for any toons right now knowing the S Class is on the way. And if S Class toon are all going to be made availble like Pete, then no thanks either. Best to just wait it out.


Also they stopped showing exact odds for the featured promo.
1.5% for 6* or ascendable 5* but 10 of them in the wheel

3 months some toons dont last 2 weeks before being rendered irrelevant lol


Lmao I know. Especially these reds. Going through them like whoa.

The purpose of feedback and the players council is to ensure that scopely does the exact opposite to expedite game death.


Then let’s have it lol. Rather a quick death.


They are trying their hardest to kill it lol. Problem is people keep playing and waiting for moments that will never come :man_shrugging:t2:

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Priya food

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