TOC War Times too late for EU

Dear Scopely, please set the war times for TOC a little earlier. For USA it is a convenient time to play from sat to sun but for EU it is from sunday to monday morning where most of the people have to get up early to go for work. Thank you.

Loved last weekend crw times finally a decent time for euros and way easier to get milestones


UK based player - last TOC war was 25 hours long, which seems fair to me

What was shitty was the insane milestones for a 24 hour, 6vs6 AOW/Blitz event.

Has a time been confirmed for this weekends toc ?

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Thank you… Didn’t even think to check the calendar :see_no_evil:

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24 hours is okay but it is unfair between countries since more players are likely to play the night from saturday to sunday instead from sunday to monday.

It’ll be 1am start for me… Hoping the milestones aren’t crazy again

I believe the ending time of ToC for EU is the same time that every CRW has ended for the majority of US, up until this past weekend anyway. Midnight/1am? I’ve always read from EU how supposedly favorable this ending time is for US players over EU in the past. Right, @Easy_Street? :woman_shrugging:

It usually ends like 6-7am Monday morning for Europe. In that case 1am are of course better.

But, my point is. Now that EU has that end time, OP is asking it changed because it’s too late. Whereas it was considered favorable, and not too late, for US when they had it.

It would end my 2am, which is much better (at least for me) than 7am. CRW had a good start/finish time for Euro. Rest of events not so much.

1am are better than 7 am, that Doesent mean that 1am are better than 9 pm.

Exactly that. It is way easier to find ppl to stay up late if it is from saturday to sunday. Many of my faction mates have to get up at 5 or 6 am. They wont stay up until 1 or 2 am.

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