TOC War Changes

In the TOC update they mentioned there would be changes, which included a 6v6 format. However, the 60 minute time limit on 6v6 matches and the 200k milestones don’t seem to the best for a war that only lasts 24 hours. What do others think about the current format?

0/10 Rewards horrifyingly bad, most enemies have fully stacked best premium teams. Just frustrating waste of time I prefer normal wars than this mess.

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I’m not in TOC, so maybe I don’t belong here. But I’d say the 200k milestone is reminiscient of other failures throughout the game’s tournaments to adapt to changing factors.
- Like the lack of change to rank rewards when doubling region (and faction) amount in war
- Like the lack of change to milestones when an tourney run time is halved. Think raid, think hordes, think level up. Top milestones, 2400, 100k, 3m don’t change even if amount of days do

Personally it takes professional polish off the game and makes it look like the thing’s run on unattentive auto pilot. Something hopefully their future promises will change.


It’s extremely hard to shine a turd

But not impossible :wink:

6x6 format should only be used during short, inter-regional blitz wars. It has no place in a Tournament of Champions. People can’t get into reserves, forget about scoring points.

At the same time, let’s not make a fuss about milestones being unreachable. Knowing scopely they’ll reduce it to 50k and remove the GPS/Canteen. At least it’s there for the over-achievers/ high flyers.

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