Toc War Bucketlist Qualifiers

Hey, guys. I’m gonna be called out for being salty or whatever come backs narrow minded individuals will have on this game. Usually it’s better to critic than actually read. But the responses on here will be indicative of how gamers treat each other and what low downs will do. When a player from Dead Reckoning calls down region defenses to score and move there region to the next round. We all get non communication on events/prizes from the game. We are competitive in this game, on fair grounds. So we have the capacity to have respect for players time and efforts. Again I say, congratulations Rockdale Region!

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Literally no idea what you’re talking about here :woman_shrugging:


Calling out in gc that your region should drop defenses to gain points?

Its smart play even if somewhat of a douchey move, looks like your qualifier was close so I would have tried to encourage my region to do the same in the last few minutes.

If your region can’t score you can’t close the gap.

Dropping defence and ending battles sooner is good strategy when its that close and no time for further wars.

Sucks but its within the mechanics, region wide competiton after all

E2A - Similar happened in several regions btw, one of my main regions had a big group chat where smaller factions where asked not to Q at particular times, or stick up 1 toon 1* defences to slow the scoring ability of other regions.

My personel view is that as a regional competiton the co-operation is vital across the board.

Horses for courses, ToC is still a POS

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Then in the end, it’s a wasted effort for everyone. Since cheating is coinciding with participation in this event

Yes toc is crap, but players attitudes are worst.
Toc worst set up “organised” event. And now players, instead of helping n encouraging each other, chose to “cheat” and others support it by calling it smart.


What you call cheating others call strategy and co-operation, again, I’m not saying isn’t douchey - It is smart play though.

Regardless, the whole event was a dumpster fire the moment scopely created the wildcard bracket.

Event has been flawed since day 1.

Factions splitting into 6 or 7 lower factions, stacking smaller factions, asking people not to queue, asking people to drop D. All of it encouraged by event design.

It is what it is ultimately. I’m happy to be out so I get a weekend off finally and can depot my roster in peace.


It was a :poop::boom: even before, when they made it 1 vs 1 regions


ToC is flawed. You’ve gotta make the most of it and come up with smart strategies. If we didn’t adapt we would have gone out in round 1


Exactly my point above, whilst you can disagree with the strategies some regions take they have all been within the confines of the mechanics and some have been very very smart.

Kudos to you guys for finding something that has worked for you and allowed you to progress.

Although a massive dumpster fire it has been refreshing to see regions actually work together for a common goal in whichever way its been done

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Takes the win away in my opinion, only too progress and get plowed down the next showdown

Last weekend’s TOC was awesome. Even though the whole set up etc of TOC aint perfect & rewards are FREEZING COLD…it has been very refreshing to split factions in more groups, play with new people and play together as a region. It’s a nice change of the usual ‘normal’ wars, very different tactics:)


But they got through though and ultimately thats what matters. The next round is the final so the strategy has been proven correct.

What someone says on GC doesn’t mean a region is listening anyway

I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill here to be honest and there are bigger concerns in game than losing to a region with better co-operation/strategy

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Toc. Where oppurtunists happens


Agreed, strategies are region based for TOC not based on individual facs anymore,I’ve seen top facs send members to other facs to help out, might be seen as a douche move by some but it’s a totally acceptable and smart move, because it’s all about the region and getting through


Not a mole hill, it’s still cheating imho. Logic says if I buy VK coins/packages it’s ok cause someone in Bell does it. That’s what a forum is about- the ability to share experiences and the expectations

Agree 100% - the region co-operation is what has got more active but not as strong regions through in some cases.

It has added a much needed strategical element back in to the game whether you agree with the behaviours or not.

1 faction cannot carry a region, everyone has to be heading towards a common goal and working together has allowed some regions to do that.

Thats a completely different scenario entirely and well outside both the mechanics of the game and this conversation


A cheat is a cheat on logic. It’s on even ground if anyone decides to use words like “strategy”/“smart moves.

If the game allows it within the confines of the mechanics setup by its developers then its, in my opinion, smart play/strategy.

If someone decides to go outside of those parameters utilising a third party source then that is of course cheating.

From what you and others are saying here, nothing that Rockdale or other regions has done has been outside of those parameters whether you agree with it or not.

Sorry you went out, you seem to really care for those “blazing hot” rewards - maybe if ToC is repeated again, next time you will work more to encourage a common goal in whichever region you chose to go to.


I think what OP is referring to is that columbia were jn 2nd with a 2.5m lead on rockdale in third. In the last few hours rockdale closed that gap and took 2nd.

In rockdales global chat someone said if ur down dont coin and feed them points.

Hardly on the same level as VK etc