ToC strategy first round

Which ever region had bell in the first round. Props to you and that great strategy to beat that region…being they are up ten million points right now with 9 hours left in ToC…:raised_hands::raised_hands:

easy being way less factions

Give us a ss trust me we faced them in losers bracket and think they 10x us



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No shock they were stacked with activity. Double the matches as the number 2 lol.

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How about the faction top 10


Wasnt hard to beat Bell because of the war set up. AP couldnt run nonstop 2min wars on us due to activity. They also couldnt convince lower facs to stop warring. Our region just warred hard as always.

If scopely wanted the most active region to win, then bell should win. Congratulations on the badge and the extra league tokens for the week :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Dang, Juggs killing it with only 16 people.

Bell is super active!
Takes me back to the beggining of the game when people actually liked playing this chore of a game, lol.

EG taking multiple L’s, hm :thinking:
We teach fear has a solid w/l ratio also.

Would be nice to know, who lost to who. If anyone has the info and willing to share. :+1:t4:

Depends on matchups as well. Some havent matched all that often with top 3.
For TTT for example, losses are to AP (mainly) and EG. Haven’t won against them yet

Edit: one win against ap so far for TTT, theyre winning head to head by a landslide though

Congrats to Habersham or Lee on winning my version.
It’s been real yall, remember to not take this game to seriously and try to have fun. I hope you guys find someone half as entertaining as me. Even with all the arguments I had I respect everyone here! Peace

Sure u said bell or rochdale first :stuck_out_tongue:

#LoserBracketStrong Leave it to both the “loser” bracket regions to pull off first and second. No problem! :sunglasses:

Idk why anyone would be upset that bell or rockdale came in first or second. There was no prize lol.

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Too bad none of the other “Losing” regions got a second chance. Guess their pockets aren’t deep enough

From what I hear rewards sucked only got them from maybe one event a week…really all they did was ruin a bunch of regions I bet there are some ghost towns when they open back up transfers.

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