TOC scummy moves

Clarke region already moving in plenty of crap factions/players to walker for there easy match ups. Wow, I can’t wait till we beat you :slight_smile:

Lol not even 24 hrs after round one completes and the trash is talking already…

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Trash who are playing fairly while the opposition cheats. Just the truth!

Far from but if that tickles your chin run with it

Again with the pettiness. :slight_smile:
Nothing actually constructive to say?
Good luck warring, you’ll need it now :man_facepalming:t2:


Who will emerge the true champion in the upcoming battles?!? Stay tuned. :smirk:


What about discover? I get miles :joy::joy::joy:


Sorry looks like Visa whooped Discover in the first round but they will get a second chance in the losers bracket. :smirk:

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Haha. “Wildcard”. Not losers lol.

Millennials :laughing:. Sure if calling it a “wildcard” makes some people feel better about themselves then go ahead but in the real world a double elimination tournament has a winners and a losers bracket.


Cut the mom&dad safety cord already!


Get it right. Its the loser bracket.

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