ToC Round 2 Results (UNOFFICIAL) 20 Chances at 20k coins!

From my Twitch livestream this afternoon! I opened 20 Supreme bags & speculate about why we have so many mods & trainers right now. PLUS my unprofessional journalistic skills come in handy & I dug around to find the Tournament of Champions regions & bring out the unofficial early predictions on the results in Round 2!

It’s all in the video! Thanks for watching!


Spalding got wasted :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but tbh I’m glad its over with

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We got pretty beat up in Carroll too. lol I am also looking forward to less intensity haha Thanks for commenting!

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Did you talk about how rewards offered weren’t what was given? Like the Max Mods? Since you brought up mods?

Glad this done bad structure from start hot flaming pile of crap rewards been a bad event
Ended top 10 to get 200shells thanks scopes never again


Feels good when you score p1 on your server but dont qualify because the rest of the server sucks gigantic D.