ToC Round 1 Carroll vs Choctaw & S Class, the next chapter for RTS?

Tell me what you think of my ideas for war & S class characters after you watch my latest episode!


They should cancel the rest of the event and the S class is ok just crazv to spend so much on it :slight_smile:

YouTube link lol no thanks🤣!

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Kookland pic,no thanks.

Good luck against Blount!


They won’t make it #facts lol but it’s gonna be fun to watch maybe this guy will you tube their loss! :rofl::rofl:

One thing you never do is count anyone out, i do agree that blount has a good chance of winning but don’t ever count out the underdog.

Yo, even I am pretty sure Blount is gonna blow us out! lol I’m not sure I see away around the points those factions will generate. Our region is sleepy by comparison, in my opinion. Thanks for the conversation, tho! I probably will live-stream our loss on my Twitch channel & post some kind of recap after on Youtube.

Well now you are going to face 2 other regions as well lol.

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