TOC rewards boost level up

Way to sneak in a solo level up without the new reward boost. Classic.

Keep surviving.

All this war is making it stale :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

We had 16 factions war while another region had 53…real fair odds even tho we had two in the top three finishers from our region. That is stale.

Just saying I always said to those war-a-weekers you’d hate it before you loved it lol

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Haha. Yea. All for 200 seashells and beach balls :joy::joy:

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Well it was that or 6* Vincent. I’d like Louis Armstrong to unironically sing What a wonderful world to that.


2 out of 3 pulls for me have been Vincent :joy::joy::joy:. 6 star version at least. Ha.

Lol. I will get my *1st* pull next war hopefully. Mid-table problems :sob:

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I can gift you a Vincent :joy::joy:

Like giving the hungry a tin of peas and no opener

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I don’t think I saw any boosts last week

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